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I would say that making and repairing posts would relate to the entire New Violin Family. They are all essentially violins; only the sizes are different. I had envisioned the forum to also be a place where those of us who support the octet could hash over certain questions such as where to find cases for the alto, tailpieces and tail cords, strings, etc., but in the years since I started the forum a lot of these issues have been resolved (although not all). In any case, I've come to the conclusion that this forum will be little-used until the number of instruments out in the world reaches sufficient numbers to attract the luthier community at large. My goal, if I live long enough . . .

Still, I can see that there are almost enough alto and tenor players now to justify a forum specific to their needs and interests. I'll put my thinking cap on-- it's sort of like the sorting hat in Harry Potter novels, only not as accurate.

Thanks for your input.
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