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Old 11-23-2010, 10:33 PM
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Default Where's B0 Mode?

In the interest of seeding this forum, I will pose this question to all you acousticians out there (you *are* out there, aren't you?) Where does the B0 mode frequency normally lie in relation to the two lowest strings? I have been experimenting with increasing the body length of the soprano to make it more comfortable to play and giving it a little more heft on the 4th string, but I've run into problems.

I have a fairly powerful resonance on the open G (3rd) string that is probably the usual open string resonance. Then I have another strong resonance on F (two semitones below the open third string), which I'm pretty sure is the corpus air mode (A0). But then, there is a third, very strong resonance right on the open 4th string (C). I can only suspect that it is B0 because I don't know what else might be active in that range.

This instrument has a great sound with an equally great wolf that I think is caused by the close proximity of these three resonances. If I knew what all three were for sure, I could start moving them experimentally and see what happens.
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b0 mode, mode coupling

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