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The 2011 New Violin Family Orchestra Plays the Third Movement of the Telemann Sinfonia in G.

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New Addition-- the Piccolo Violin!

The third movement of the Telemann is the featured video from our 2011 concert at St. Luke. It's the first concert in which we've used the amazing piccolo (treble) violin. In listening to this selection you'll hear four soloists on piccolo, soprano, mezzo and alto violins (they're seated to the conductor's left). Please enjoy the splendid solo work of our chamber bass and sub-contrabass in this unusual score by one of the great Baroque masters. Wear good headphones or listen through a good set of speakers, and enjoy!

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2010 New Violin Family Orchestra

The New Violin Family Orchestra, Erik Kibelsbeck conducting, in concert for Loaves and Fishes. St. Luke Lutheran Church, Ithaca, NY; August 8, 2010.