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Old 08-22-2017, 02:09 AM
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Default The quest for a Tenor E-string

Greetings fellow Tenorists,

I'm curious as to what strings people are using. For now, I've settled on Helicore 1/4-size strings for the lower three, but am still looking for an ideal E-string. The gut string which came with my instrument was lovely, but didn't blend too well with steel lower strings. I'm now using the Super Sensitive E-string, made for the tenor, but the sound is very bright compared to the Helicores, and the tension is a bit low (I imagine it was designed for the original, large-pattern tenors). I've written to Larsen and D'Addario, both of whom make cello E-strings, and to Warchal, whose synthetic cello strings I use on my cello, to see if any of them would make a custom Tenor E, but all three replied to say they couldn't. I also tried a light Helicore A-string (for full-size cello) tuned up to E; I got it as far as D, and it seemed too tight, and I didn't go any further. So, I'm now considering the following options:
  1. Sticking with the Super-Sensitive string.
  2. Using a light-gauge cello A-string, tuned up to E (are there any which are considerably lighter than the Helicore?).
  3. Switching to all-gut stringing.
  4. Trying to find a manufacturer who will make a custom steel or synthetic string.

I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on this!

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