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We regret to announce that the 2012 concert has been cancelled.

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Last Updated July 5, 2012


Call for New and Returning Members.

It's never too early to assess interest in the NVFO for our 2013 summer concerts. We are looking for players who are adventurous, adaptable, inquisitive, and adept at taking on new instruments. We expect that players will be reliable and able to honor their commitment to the group. We all depend on one another, so check your calendar closely before committing.

Purpose of the Ensemble.

The NVFO is an all-volunteer organization now in its sixth season. The purpose of the ensemble is to promote the New Violin Family through public performance and educational outreach, to provide players with experience performing in a unique orchestral string ensemble, and to foster a sense of community by performing benefit concerts for worthy organizations in Central New York. We can't stress it too firmly; this is a fun organization, but it has a serious purpose.

Requirements for Participation.

We will lend you a New Family instrument for the summer. We ask that you take good care of it, learn your music, and attend all rehearsals. You will become a de facto spokesperson for the New Violin Family, so we ask that you familiarize yourself with the history and goals of the organization. Much of this can be done simply by browsing this web site.

We will also ask you to sign a release for the use of your likeness and performance in the audio and video recordings we make each summer. This release is for non-commercial use only, such as advertising and promotion of the New Violin Family Orchestra (like the video clip on our home page).

Open Seats for 2013.

At present, our needs are represented by the word "open" in the orchestra roster on the right side of this page. These positions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Acceptance is based on recommendation of orchestra members in good standing or by invitation. There is no charge for the use of an instrument.




Repertoire for Summer Concert








Erik Kibelsbeck, conductorWe're pleased to announce that Maestro Erik Kibelsbeck will be our conductor for the 2013 summer concerts.

Since 2004, Erik has served as music director at Ithaca’s St. Luke Lutheran Church where he also plays the organ and coordinates the Vespers at St. Luke series. He is beginning his twelfth season as music director of the Onondaga Civic Symphony, leading three classics and one pops concert each year and conducting an ever-increasing range of the standard symphonic repertoire. He conducted the Ithaca College Trombone Troupe for over seven years, and has taught various courses at Ithaca College, where he is the coordinator of music facilities and publicity. Erik holds a master's degree in orchestral conducting from Ithaca College and a bachelor's degree in bassoon and music education from the Eastman School of Music.

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Comments About the 2011 Orchestra.

"The performance was pure balm for the soul."

"Thank you for sharing your talent and your passion."

"This ensemble is a gift."

"You just knocked me over!"

"My husband does not go to many classical concerts, and he is very critical and sparing in his opinions. After your concert, he said only three words to me; 'get them back'!"

"Everyone loved the sound of the orchestra."

"Anazingly full sound."

"The bass violins are so much clearer than standard basses."

"A truly successful experiment in string design."

"This orchestra breathes new life into old works."

"Just beautiful."

"As a string player, I am just blown away by the homogenous sound the group makes."

"You are fantastic!"

"Lovely. Lovely."

"I thought I must be going crazy because in the middle of the Bach (Air on the G String) I swore I heard voices singing in the orchestra. There really is something to this idea of matched instruments."